exploring the centers: an afternoon in Izmir

Taking Flight (2013)
Taking Flight (2013)

So the idea just occurred to me… Why not start a series of photographs of all the city centers I’ve had the chance to see?

Midway through watching ‘The Voice’ reruns from season 6 (wasn’t Josh Kaufman just heavenly?), I realized these pictures, simply sitting in my laptop, are going to waste! On a side-note, as I like to ramble, does anyone else miss Usher as a judge on the Voice? I know I do.

Anyhow, this city scene is from old-town Izmir. It’s right in front of the Clock Tower in Konak Square, which is, incidentally, a lot smaller than can be led to infer from all the travel logs about Izmir- or so it was for me! This is somewhere in September, 2013- so quite hot still, but full of gusty bay breezes everywhere I went. This part of Izmir is worth exploring. It’s close to old markets, unlike the modern parts of the city, and has a different feeling surrounding it. Most of it comes from the scents and sounds of the hustle and bustle of marketplace talk, coffee brewing, large canopies sheltering small stalls and shops- a lot of places to buy nice, oriental souvenirs to take back home. The best part is taking the ferry across the bay- given that I’m water-phobic and terribly afraid of deep, unfathomable water bodies, it’s also extremely exciting!

(Taken with my trusty Canon 600D. I also don’t watermark my photos, so if anyone wants to use it, please credit it back to me. Thank you!)


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