exploring the centers: forgotten treasures

Dreams (2013)
Dreams (2013)

From Konak Square, it’s is not a long way off to an old and glorious market in Izmir. Kemeraltı Çarşısı, the historical market of Izmir, is a trip back into time. Parts of it are covered by brick and mortar, parts of it are sheltered by large canopies. I walked along old hallways, on cooling marble, I still remember the musty smell of things long forgotten. Outside, the marketplace is full of noise and vigor; inside, there is a silence. It’s not an empty silence, but it throbs with secrets; you have to walk along those lanes and look into windows smeared with dust to discover some of them.

Along treasures and old things no one wants, antiques and what-nots dating as far back as World War I, I stumbled upon this wedding dress. It was ethereal, almost glowing, yet sad in its loneliness. Would someone wear it again? Or did someone wear it already and give it away a long time ago?

There is beauty and history amongst the oldest places in Turkey.  It is just waiting to be discovered by each individual, in his or her own special way. Izmir has magic; the city breathes and lives like a slumbering sea serpent. Kemeraltı is still not so far from the bay that you can’t smell the sea. Once in a while, a breeze will blow by and you’d know not that far away, there is the bay that leads into the Aegean Sea.

No, it’s not easy to forget Izmir.


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