We slept and woke up in the same bed, side by side. It was cold, I woke up cold. This was new for me; my idealistic impressions of the world… fast fading. I was underwater and I was surrounded. How and when does it become so cold? I knew what I asked for. And did it sting, it sting.

Did I crumble beneath his weight? Did he fall into me and let me go? Yes. Like shattered bits of stone, it pierced my soul to the very end, it pierced me. Do you love? Do I love? Did I love? Yes. Yes, yes I did. We loved and we said nothing. Each moment, each moment I look back, I laugh. There is madness on this wind, can you smell it? The stench is so strong, it lingers, haunts, destroys. It destroys.

Small words. My friend, my lover, people like me are crazy; we are entirely mad. Searching for something, searching so hard and I thought you could help me find it. I thought you could, I thought you almost could. After the sun rises and the darkness has passed, we look back. We see the remains, we see the ruins. What has been achieved and what of the destruction? Did you think, did you stop to think? Some people feel. Some people love. Some people walk away, some people run. Bickering inside, boundaries are drawn, swords shall not be sheathed. What did it mean? What does it mean? Is the mystery solved? Let’s go, you and I, let’s float, let’s look away.  I can’t wake up like this, can’t wake up alone, even in the shadows, there is a life, there is something dark and sinister, waiting to take a bite, waiting…

So let’s dance, let’s dance with this wind. Let it take us, let it sway us, let it persuade us, slowly.


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