Fallen King

Fallen King (2014)
Fallen King (2014)

There’s something in this silence. An awakening, when it’s still dark outside. Is that a hint of some light, a long lost star finally finding its way back? One day this has to stop, the lost stars have to find their way back. One day, this has to stop…

He is the fallen king. There is a chill in his embrace. Reaching out, I hit a wall, I stumble. I try to come closer, there is resistance, a force that stops me.

There is trouble in the air. There is a restlessness. There is a falling, a losing, a frustration. Transitions and new things, it’s almost like poetry, almost. There is a lesson, hidden somewhere. Don’t I know it? Would I learn it?

Photo: Burg Hohenzollern, Germany

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