Atlantik (2014)
Atlantik (2014)

There was a place we used to go. Midnight, the stars were out, strewn like gems into the darkness. The gods had been busy. Late night, a slight cold swept over me. Behind the misted windows, I could hear laughter. A little wistful, as if I too wanted to laugh, I moved closer. Moving silhouettes, the crack of a door opening, sharp, a chord, a bass filtered out, touching the air, making me smile.

Flashback. Fast forward. Today or tomorrow. I no longer knew. Whose face and whose touch? Who smiled and who let go of the sorrow? It was the night we spent, the night we loved. It was the whisper of the sheets, the footfalls, it was the scent in the wind. It was a conversation, a kiss forgotten. It was the smile, taken, taken away from me.

So we sat all night. We spoke all night. The dew from the grass soaking through my dress. The stars came down, I swear I saw them, they came down, they drenched me in magic, drenched me in sorrow. What of the past, what of the future?

Whose face now, and whose tomorrow?

Photo: Freiburg, Germany

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