Away from the Crowds

Her tan lines told me she’d traveled from a place full of summer. The glimmer of wet sand clung to her skin. She was a goddess, burnt bronze under a baking sun. Her hair was like soft straw, curving around her face. The golden gleams highlighted the freckles on her nose. I realized how much I wanted her. But now she was in a cold place – a place where people don’t open their hearts. I knew she was lonely by the way she hugged that simple potted plant close to her chest. A pot of clay, a solitary leaf and alone with nothing but her thoughts. She made quite the picture – a lost goddess, fallen from the sky. I wondered how her skin would feel if I touched her. Would it be smooth like the sand she parted with? Or would it be crude like the touch of the clay pot she clung to so tightly? Would I drown in her eyes and she in mine? Brown meets brown, a well of hidden emotions and battles fought; fought and lost and now we’re both withered flowers. Would you let me make love to you under the cold sunlight, next to the flowers waiting patiently to bloom? Let’s take some risks, let’s shake our fates, see if they mould, see if they merge. Let’s fall in love, let’s not be afraid. You, with the flower, and I, with the braid. Let’s not be afraid…


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