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Give (2015)
Give (2015)


I feel inspired, today, this evening, I feel like life woke me anew. Just yesterday, I withered in the flames and today, I emerged anew. And I said to him, as we both laid in bed, I said to him, “Let’s count the stars.” And the sky was an open ocean atop, the sky opened above us and we lay below, staring, side by side. I said to him, “Look at that one, the one in the corner,” and he answered, “That one looks like a shooting star.” Quick, now we have to make a wish, make a wish. Make a wish, and be quick about it. Don’t fear, don’t think about it. Just wish, wish for the first thing you can think. And the sky, the sky shot it down, it glowed and glowed, like a silver orb, caught in flight, rushing down, down. And he said to me, “Just make a wish, a wish from the bottom of your heart.”



Lucy (2015)
…in the Sky (2015)

In my mind, we dance together. Twirling around the hardwood floors, you lift me into a pirouette and set me flying for a moment. The wind catches my hair and sets it aflame. In my mind, we hold each other, sitting atop the clouds, and we leave the world behind. In my mind, there is laughter, I laugh and you laugh, teasing each other, tripping and falling, hearts beating very fast, the wind holds us two feet off the ground. Two feet, three feet, higher, higher, twirling and swirling, around and around like children trapped on a merry-go-round. Listening to the sound of the air passing through, listening to the calling of the inner child, my dream… In my dream, we hold each other. In my dream, the sun never sets. In my dream, you kiss me to sleep. In my dream, we hold and we touch and nothing can hurt me. In my dream, I care for you, I know your demons and I fight your ghosts. In my dream, in my dream, I don’t wake up. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, feeling the empty space beside me. I don’t wake up at all. I swim with you underwater, I can breathe forever, I twist and turn in your arms, in your arms, I sing and cry and I draw with oil, rushing across the sky, the sky is my canvas and the music is in our souls. And we need no restraint and we need no audio. And we need no warnings and we heed no prophecies. And we need each other and we stay.
In my dream, we stay.

We are made of starstuff

It’s one of my favorite lines from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos,

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

I designed some self-prints and tried to give them a cosmic, meditative feel. I backed the frames with a sky blue painted wood texture (I also added barely-there embossed wood carvings to the texture).

Starstuff, 2014

There’s quite a list of credits;

I used the Six Revisions Wood Carvings Brush Pack for the wood emboss, followed by Webtreats’ Tileable Dark Wood Texture Pack; I use this quite often, it’s one of my favorite texture packs.

For the frames, I used mock-ups designed by Tim Easely, which I downloaded from Behance, using this link. 

For the cosmic layover effects on the photos, I used the patterns from Webtreats, another one of my favorites- the Classic Nebula Space Patterns.

I took the photographs myself, using a (cheap) tripod and a Canon EOS 600D.

Germany Poster Series: The Blue Bridge, Freiburg

My two years in Freiburg are almost over and I’m (finally) moving to another city, I decided to make some Freiburg posters from my collection of photos! Here are a couple of posters of the Stühlinger bridge, or more commonly what we call ‘the blue bridge’. You get an almost symmetrical view of Stühlinger Church from here (something Wes Anderson would be proud of). Yes, I did some Photoshopped coloring- trying to go for the ethereal look; this place does hold a special place in my life!

The View from the Center, 2013
The View from the Center, 2013

Here it is from another angle; beautifully lit up as evening falls…

Dusky Skies, 2013
Dusky Skies, 2013

Inspiring Revolutionary Posters from the ‘Istanbul Resistance’

Diren Gezi Parkı-5

Three days ago, the city of Istanbul made belated headlines in media around the world. What started as a peaceful protest to save a park escalated into a demonstration in which the Turkish police used brutal and excessive force against protestors, environmentalists, libertarians, students, and the young and old residents of the city who had gathered together to save one of the last snatches of greenery in Istanbul. The news made it to the front very reluctantly because most of the mass media in Turkey was censoring the protests. By this time, the protest had already gained full-scale social media support, which aggravated the Turkish Prime Minister considerably. It has been four days since then and Turkey has erupted into clashes in over 40 cities.

I saved some of the posters which appeared online as part of the social media revolution to publicize the harsh reality of police violence and repression. These posters depict the right of freedom of speech, the right of liberty for the Turkish people, and their struggle to be heard worldwide as a struggle of the people against an oppressive government.

Here are a few of them which are truly inspiring.

From the page Diren Gezi Parkı on Facebook

Diren Gezi Parkı-1

Diren Gezi Parkı-4

Diren Gezi Parkı-2

Diren Gezi Parkı-3

Diren Gezi Parkı-7

From Bır atın yalnızlıgı on Tumblr



From Pckolog on Tumblr


From Vangapo on Tumblr


“Most of the mess that is called history comes about because kings and presidents cannot be satisfied with a nice chicken and a good loaf of bread.”  –Jennifer Donnelley, Revolution