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That little something about cover music…

It’s Germany, and the return of the winters is high and nigh. I feel overwhelmed, the clouds obscure the sky today and a brisk wind is blowing. I feel a little sad to watch the sunlight go and it’ll be a while until it’ll return. So I’m watching the Voice U.S., which is my go-to-for-comfort show; also, it rocks. I love to sing, so I love watching übertalented people take the stage. And the Voice U.S. draws in a lot of those. I don’t usually write about but I thought since the Blinds finished this Monday, I’d link some of my favorites up here. And so, in no particular order, my favorites from the Voice U.S. Blinds this time around…

Andi & Alex – Thank You

Was it just me or these two sounded as smooth as softly melting caramel on top of a sweet chocolate-vanilla sundae?

Sydney Rhame – Photograph

I’d go for her. Not only one of my favorite songs but what a voice, and a what a range; and what a great take on an Ed Sheeran song. Definitely my favorite from the Blinds this season.

Shelby Brown – Stars

One word: Incredible.

Viktor Király – What’s Going On

I was wearing my super-large noise canceling headphones and this guy started crooning and I stopped what I was doing; I thought, “He’s done this before. He sounds incredible.” And I found out he has done it before . But what a grand voice; this guy rocks.

Chance Peña – I See Fire

So anyone who decides to sing “I See Fire” has my vote from the beginning; but this kid sounded just delicious. I wondered why only Adam turned for him but then again, Adam is probably the best choice for him. Another one down for a great Ed Sheeran song (and why are all these kids so young?!)

Chris Crump – Thinking Out Loud

And while we’re on the topic of Ed Sheera, can I say I agree with the song choice as well as the look? One of my favorites, again.

Ellie Lawrence – We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off

You go, girl. And my favorite song of the season!

Barrett Baber – Angel Eyes

He croons, yes sir, he does. Win my love, please.

Jordan Smith – Chandelier



music in movies: the best soundtracks, the best scenes

I’ve been aching to compile this list for months. Sometimes I think I blog just to keep track of whatever is happening in my overwrought mind. Then, ages later when I read what I’ve put down on paper (well, digital paper), it comes back to me in the form of a very welcoming memory, complete with the state of mind I was in when I wrote a particular piece. There I go again with the rambling so before I get carried away, the list of some of my favorite movie soundtrack moments; gooey, melty and buttery (awesome sigh moments!) and some pivotal moments too! I tried to rank, but it’s impossible. So, to preserve my sanity, this is a non-ranked list. [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT in some cases]

  • The De Lessep’s Dance by Stephen Warbeck for Shakespeare in Love
  • Golden Years by David Bowie for A Knight’s Tale
  • The Riders of Rohan by Howard Shore for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

I was unable to find the clip I wanted for this one so it’s an audio clip only!

  • Dil Se Re by A.R Rehman for Dil Se
  • The Scientist by Coldplay for Wicker Park
  • Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap for 500 Days of Summer

Frustratingly I can’t find the clip from the movie anywhere but I guess this is good enough.

  • Inama Nushif by Brian Tyler for Children of Dune
  • When the World Falls Down by David Bowie for Labyrinth
  • Let It Be [Cover] by Carol Woods, & Timothy Mitchum for Across the Universe
  • Mad World by Gary Jules for Donnie Darko

Thank you for suggesting this one Dua!

  • When Your Mind’s Made Up by Glen Hansard for Once
  • Bheegi Bheegi [Cover] by James for Gangster

Can’t say much about the movie but the song is brilliant! (The original track is in Bengali by a band called Krosswindz)

…so I spun a wreath for the Followills.

The abominable excess, these days, of impatiently made music that sounds just too darn similar made me wonder if there is anyone who can vie for the role of classic in the years to come. What with teenage ‘rockstars’ being chugged out by unicorn-land TV, and music videos that are more ‘runway’ than ‘music’ anyway, the prospect doesn’t look too promising. But there are a few artistic melody-makers still, thankfully. Kings of Leon – definitely one of them (God bless those Followills).

Kings of Leon (brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill, with cousin Matthew Followill)

I’ve been listening to their last studio album since it came out in 2008, and not an inch of daylight sneaks into it. You don’t need to know what it’s called in order to tell what it’s about. It’s about night, it’s about love, it’s about all those daylight defences of yours peeling like old wallpaper come night. The vocals have an indelible pleading, thirsting feel to them. They’re night-creatures, these four. It’s like they took moonlight, vulnerability, highways and headlights, stretches of sleeping sand, and the crab that scuttles away from you when you light a match, and put it all under a giant, black microscope. But there is hardly anything inert about this music. It’s not the lullaby-like pushing-of-the-cradle kind of welcome for the night, it’s so charged with an energy bordering on frenzy.

I read that the album title, ‘Only by the Night’, is – in fact – from somewhere amidst Poe’s vast, icy factory of mind-boggling chills. Even better! Art meets art. Put in an Edward Hopper painting showing the strangely inviting, artificially lit up interior of a diner, fluorescent lights trying to keep the night at bay, and you’ve got nocturne in a nutshell.

Edgar Allan Poe
'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper. Oil on canvas. 1942