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‘Rest in Peace’: Missing in Buffyworld

Reasons why I miss hearing from Buffyworld
Angel. The original Angel in Seasons 1 & 2 was half of the reason for the popularity of the show. He was the best ‘good’ vampire in all the vampire lore. The new ones are just copycats.
Giles. The show wouldn’t have been half as good without Giles in it. Why does Joss Whedon always fit in a Brit somewhere in his shows? I don’t care why. I love that he does it, and those are some kick-ass Brits (Adelle Dewitt from Whedon’s Dollhouse).
Spike. Of course, I’ve written an entire post on Spike previously. He filled in the gaps after Angel and Cordelia left. He filled in the gaps when the show turned sticky, and he twisted it around somehow, always unpredictably predictable. He also brought a whole lot of ‘cool’ to the Scooby Gang.
Mythology. Buffy’s screenwriters used a lot of really good, really researched mythology, and turned it around Buffy-way. A Preying Mantis schoolteacher, an Egyptian mummy-girl, Inca gods, Native American lore, different worldly dimensions and witchcraft, werewolves- it was all there- in a good way.
A Good Bout of Buffy-whining. Buffy was a whiner. Yes, she always saved the day, but most of the times she was the one who got the day in trouble (turning Angel into Angelus). An episode wasn’t complete without Buffy whining, and I loved that.
Evolution of Willow. That was a roller coaster in character development- it started in innocence, wide-eyed, went into heartbreak, and headed straight toward ‘Dark Willow’.
Xander’s Loyalty. He deserves a spot here. He never left Buffy’s side. Not even in the comics. Not even when nobody remained.