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Inspiring Revolutionary Posters from the ‘Istanbul Resistance’

Diren Gezi Parkı-5

Three days ago, the city of Istanbul made belated headlines in media around the world. What started as a peaceful protest to save a park escalated into a demonstration in which the Turkish police used brutal and excessive force against protestors, environmentalists, libertarians, students, and the young and old residents of the city who had gathered together to save one of the last snatches of greenery in Istanbul. The news made it to the front very reluctantly because most of the mass media in Turkey was censoring the protests. By this time, the protest had already gained full-scale social media support, which aggravated the Turkish Prime Minister considerably. It has been four days since then and Turkey has erupted into clashes in over 40 cities.

I saved some of the posters which appeared online as part of the social media revolution to publicize the harsh reality of police violence and repression. These posters depict the right of freedom of speech, the right of liberty for the Turkish people, and their struggle to be heard worldwide as a struggle of the people against an oppressive government.

Here are a few of them which are truly inspiring.

From the page Diren Gezi Parkı on Facebook

Diren Gezi Parkı-1

Diren Gezi Parkı-4

Diren Gezi Parkı-2

Diren Gezi Parkı-3

Diren Gezi Parkı-7

From Bır atın yalnızlıgı on Tumblr



From Pckolog on Tumblr


From Vangapo on Tumblr


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