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she glimpsed heaven

The savage storm
How it rocked her through
Depending on faith
And a few slats of wood
She waited for this rescue
In her dreams his face, vivid
In her dreams, she grasped
Reaching for his hands
The familiar strength
Of his fingers and the voice
Grave, yet smiling
What she would give
To hear those words
To feel him close
No fear or despair.
She lost time
Caged in this boat
With no harbor in sight
She lost time
Within this fence
Adrift on the sea
And no life support
No stars or glimpse of heaven
To guide her way
On this dark and endless night.


My Sleepy World

No Second Chances (2015)
Clowns (2015)
Little girl don't cry
Don't cry, for someone
Will come to save you.
Little girl, don't cry
Don't cry, for one day
You won't bleed no more.
Little girl don't be shy
Don't be shy, because outside
Are many things, many things
That shine.
Little girl you better stop
Stop this trembling, stop
This shaking and this sighing
For outside, outside are many things
Many truths and many lies.
Little girl don't cry
Because the promise that he made
He made, was never a lie
He stayed as long as you tried. 
But night comes, it comes
So don't cry, for one day
It will all fade away
It will all fade away.


No Promises


 You don't see the choices
 You don't see the tears
 Like a puppet, you played me
 And pulled my strings.
 You were my maker
 The one who saved me
 But like a puppet 
 You played me.
 And now it's dark
 And the night has fallen
 But in my mind, you smile at me
 Like the way you used to.
 And in my mind 
 You walk toward me
 But in the darkness
 You still don't see me.
 I look up, the light is behind you
 I reach up, so pull me up
 I reach up, so call me home.
 Shining through your halo
 I reach up, so call me toward you
 I reach up, so call me home.



Sunkissed, I was kissed by the sun this summer. I felt the last rays of light drown me, it was the embrace of an absent lover. I remember crying, I remember tears falling, like the rain in fall, cold and wet. I remember laughing, like the ripples in a lake, growing and growing. For the first time in a long time, I felt the force of wings that held me up and the height from which I saw the world made my eyes tear. The clouds that I used to fear, grew thinner and thinner, and the cold that kept me awake at nights, disappeared. I’d like to tell you that I loved you and a whisper in your ear, I’d like to tell you that I miss you, in a moment I no longer fear. I’d like to tell you I know you kept secrets and that I kept them too. And I’d like to tell you, I’d like to tell you, how time passed me by, so many things I didn’t say, so many things before which I fled away.

pathways and stars


Watchers (2015)
Watchers (2015)
Will you come, while I'm masked and everything rages?
And will you come, when it's raining, like tears, it's staining,
Will you come, to hold my face, to hold my hand,
Will you come, a summer shower, or a flaming brand,
To light the way, so I can see, and I walk and walk, 
It never ends, the way is long, but we talk and talk.
Oh, but we talk, and remember, this face, its hidden,
A grip on my heart, breathless, it's sudden.
Caution, it litters, on this path it keeps a hold,
All I want is to drown yet to come ashore.
Leaves of gold in my hair, braving waters treading stones,
Asking for nothing, no words spoken, a treasure atoned.  
Let's cross to the shore, let's fly to the stars, mad like fire,
That builds and builds, lost to the world, a tethering pyre.
Let's climb to the top, see it all, let's look to the stars,
Let's take, take this world, I'm next to you but I'm  so far.
I let it fall, faces tumble, colors and hues, no longer masked.
Before it ends, before the fire, let me burn but let me ask
Let me in, before it ends, and we sit in this wreck, Will you, will you let me in?

Glass & Stone


I’m glass and stone
I’m raw and closed
I’m ripe for pain
I’m ripe for hurt.
I ache so deep
So hard inside
I ache in intensity.
Grow up, grow up
This voice chimes
Give up, give up
A ghostly chant.

Hold me close
Wish of my heart
Lover of my lips
Gripped askance
And held away
Cold eyes cloud
Sounds too far
Laugh that rings
Shut it down
Burns, it brings
Lies, to teach
A truth so harsh.

my calm and chaos

Calm & Chaos (2015)
Calm & Chaos (2015)

I had a dream about you.

I dreamt we were at the edge of a rough blue sea. I dreamt of a storm. I dreamt of your storm when I looked in your eyes. I traveled so far, I saw your pain. I saw my pain, reflected there, and I drowned in your depths. I drowned in your depths. Through the spaces of my heart, and the races we run in our lives, I want to give you these words. I want to give you my words.

Don’t be sad, my dear.

Don’t be alone, my dear.

There is more to life, my dear.

It’s not over yet. It’s not even begun. Let’s start it together, let’s set fire to things, let’s erupt, let’s sleep no more, my love. Let’s walk, let’s run, let’s fly on the edge of our wind, let’s make it an eternity, an infinite time and space, only ours, that’s only ours. Let’s lose ourselves. What is time, what is time but a fleeting illusion? What is time when you and I can live forever? What is time when you and I can set fire to the things around us, make us breathe, make us see, make us drown in the passion, in the promise, in the everlasting? Make us bloom like the cherry trees. Make this color spread across our sky, make this color spread across, like the blue of the open ocean, like the red of the ripe, ripe berries, like the glitter of the morning dew, dew like diamonds, grass so green, birds that sing and notes that weep, weep, weep. We can sing, we can dance, we can live. Live this night, you and I, like we did, like we did. We can ache like the song of the wave when it leaves, when it moves, and it kisses and it says goodbye. The song of the wave, the song of the wave.

Will I be the boat that left this harbor? Will you be my anchor that held me true? Will I be the ship that set sail, so long ago, so long ago? Will you be my beacon, will you be my light, will you be my haven? My safe haven. What am I, and who are you? Who are we, do you want to know? Do you want to drown in the mystery, do you want to drown in our story? Do you want to set sail, set sail for that island where no one can find us? Do you want to lie on the hot sands of the secret beach, do you want to bathe, bathe with me in these pools of sacred water? Is this our oasis, is this our deliverance, tell me, tell me because I ache to know. I ache to know.

Do you want to leave, leave this world behind? Do you want to fly, fly with me, climb with me, see the world from my eyes? Do you want to leave this world behind, do you want to leave this world behind?

Then come with me. Come with me.

Just come with me.

Crash with me, let’s play like waves, let’s be the water that brings, brings life to everything. Let’s bring life, let’s walk on water, let’s turn it to wine, let’s turn it to wine. Let’s be the wings on which the birds can fly. Let’s soar like eagles, like eagles, let’s hunt in the night. Tell me, do you want to leave this world behind? Tell me, do you want to see the world from my eyes? Tell me, tell me your secrets and I’d tell you mine. I’d tell you mine.