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On Spikes: Reasons for a Spike Spin-off

If another character deserves a spin-off from Buffy, it’s Spike. I think I recently read an article on Rotten Tomatoes which had one such ‘most wanted spin-off list’. I fail to remember exactly if Spike was on that list or not. But, for me, if there was such a spin-off, I’d probably be a pre-release fan. William the Bloody, or Spike, made his debut appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, when he came to Sunnydale with his then-girlfriend, crazy vampire-chick  Drusilla.  Spike and Drusilla were two of the trio with Angel who made Season 2 one of the best season’s of Buffy. Anyway, here are a couple of reasons why I would love to see (or read) a spin-off based entirely on Spike.
1. Recollections from Spike’s past: We know that Spike was originally a struggling poet ridiculed because of his ‘bloody awful’ poetry, earning him the nickname of William the Bloody. But I would actually like to watch those parts of his life, shown in some seasons as flashbacks. For me, that’s not enough and I’d rather see them in a more continuous and detailed form; parts which would make Spike’s character a whole rather than just a part of Buffy’s gang.
2. Focus on Spike’s character: The reason why Spike was a ‘breakthrough’ character was because he was different from the run of the mill vampires. He didn’t have a soul, yet he had feelings which sometimes caused conflicts in his own behavior. He truly loved both Drusilla and Buffy, up to the point of dying. He was more of an anti-hero, which made watching Spike bits in the show both unpredictable and the most awaited ones.
3. Unruly destruction: Spike’s love for brawling and picking up fights with literally every kind of beings, from humans to demons to vampires is also one of his classic traits. His cheerful references to blood and destruction in ‘Buffy’ also makes him funny, in a sadistic way of course.
4. Spike’s accent and pretty cool vocals: Undoubtedly, the best thing about Spike is his accent and a really good, throaty singing voice (as heard on in the Buffy musical).
5. Coming to the rescue: In a lot of Buffy moments, Spike comes unexpectedly to the help of the Scooby Gang. In Season 2 he brings Angelus down temporarily after pretending to be confined to his wheelchair. In Season 6 with Buffy dead, he’s the only fighter in the Gang, protecting Dawn and warding off demons. In Season 7, he ultimately dies helping Buffy to destroy the Hellmouth.
6. Uncanny ability for detecting the truth: Spike has always homed in on the weaknesses felt most by the members of the Scooby Gang. In Season 3 he gives Buffy and Angel the home-truth about their relationship. In Season 4 he tells Willow and Xander the rotten disabilities they face in their lives because of Buffy. This is also another feature of Spike’s ability to create discontent between the members of the Scooby Gang by sensing what’s under the skin and playing on their weaknesses.
7. Spike’s wardrobe: Spike’s trademark bad-ass black leather jacket always manages to create a presence. He’s hot, he brawls, he drives a hot classic (through Season 2 to 3) and a wicked bike stolen from a demon in Season 6. Go James Marsters, I say.
Some of Spike’s character bits can be read on Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall comics. However, I would dearly love to watch a spin-off, mini-series or even a movie about Spike because he is one of the greatest characters in television history. Hats off to Joss Whedon.