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Answers in the Sky

Road Trip
Road Trip (2016)

What is about the moon that’s so comforting? We look at it and our problems don’t look so big anymore. The moon tells us we’re small, small and insignificant; we take comfort in that because there is a universe out there, bigger than this. Bigger than anything we’ve ever beheld. Millions of stars shine down on us, and here we are, tucked away in what is perhaps the safest corner in the Milky Way. Last night, he told me we’re safe here. Yet light years away from us, stars burn out, planets collapse and all light disappears into absolute nothing.

There is something about that I believe, that gives us perspective. That should give us perspective. Grief comes in waves, terrors flow back and forth in the form of nightmares; there is fire in the night. And all that disappears, as fast as the wind around me when I dance, when we speed faster and faster; time slows down. We are stuck in the dance of a century; we are trapped as the moonlight washes us in innocence, there is no pleasure but simple pleasure, there is no joy but to just be full of joy. Lights, stars, touch, dreams; so close. So look up, whenever you are feeling sad, look up, whenever you are scared, look up whenever hope leaves because surely you will see hope, surely you will see life, glittering, far far away but within grasp, it’s always within grasp. Look up, whenever you are running too fast, and the past will cease to follow, and look up; whether it’s the sun that’s shining, or the moon that’s waning, or the stars that disappear one by one before sunrise. Then you’ll know you made it through, and life is waiting, waiting for you.


thoughts on conformity & tradition

Ours is a complicated world. We’ve been taught not to act on instinct. We’ve been taught control and to adhere to the strict lines drawn for the benefit of conformity toward acceptable societal behavior. Yes, we live in cliches, we are slaves of society. We are slaves of the rules set for us ancient centuries ago but these rules still continue today because we conform. Our conformity is the antecedent to our existential stagnation. We can’t change unless we gather enough courage to fight. But in our slavery there is no appeal to our conscience. Why is that? When conscience becomes a dead mole running inside tunnels dug out of it’s own claws, you know it’s lost. So who will pick up the first pen and who will pick up the first sword because we need to fight the war that we didn’t even suspect was going on within ourselves for generations. We are the lost generation because our behavior is locked in tradition yet our conscience struggles to find the last ray of sunlight and make its escape. We are the lost generation because we fail to gather together to make our stand; we fail to pick up our swords and pens because we fail to comprehend the danger to our self within self; we are destroyers of progress and we are destroyers of thought; we are swallowers of lies and we are messy devourers of humility; we are no one until we find the cause to be unspolit by race, untouched by religion, and to not be enslaved by tradition.